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Appearing on Reality Sandwich, this feature explores the notable trippy elements in the new Marvel movie Doctor Strange, linking it to AvatarInceptionThe Matrix and other cyberdelic movies. Using further advanced generations of visual effects and 3D technology, the latest psychedelic fare is once again delivered successfully to the masses – by wrapping it in the entertainment-friendly foil of science fiction.

Originally published in Psypress Vol XVIIImy in-depth interview with LSD historian Andy Roberts covers his new book, Acid Drops, and much more. We compare notes on the mind-bending properties of Operation Julie acid and generally muse about tripping in the 1970s, with Andy giving examples of the various weird acid synchronicities he’s experienced. Now online in this abridged version.

The second volume in the Nemu’s End series finds the self-styled Reverend Danny Nemu looking inwards to explore the personal apocalypse, where the veils of regular cognition are rent asunder and an unbounded world of revelation manifests beyond. He focuses on how the constrictions and convolutions of language work to dilute the divine, drawing its sting and rendering it into the conventions of whatever zeitgeist that currently obtains.

Beat Writers and the Psychedelic Movement

My Breaking Convention talk from July 2015 is now up on Vimeo.

In their writings and lifestyle experiments, the Beat writers were very much the precursors of the psychedelic movement. They were pioneering users of ayahuasca, mescaline, psilocybin and LSD; and when Timothy Leary began his Harvard work he naturally tried to induct the three as elder statesmen figures...

The Mad Artist: Psychonautic Adventures in the 1970s

A novelistic memoir, glimpsing into the more rarefied realms of alternative life in 1970s Britain.

‘…a significant addition to the canon of psychedelic literature.’ — Leaf Fielding, author of To Live Outside the Law

‘The whole story is a delight from beginning to end.’  William J Booker, author of Trippers

‘I highly recommend this book to anyone with an interest in psychedelics, good writing and the human condition.’  Rob Dickins, Editor in Chief The Psychedelic Press UK

‘…one of the best UK drug memoirs, highly recommended.’  Professor Harry Sumnall, Liverpool John Moores University

‘…a dazzling, intelligent and ambitious quest to cut through conventional ways of looking at the world that ultimately yields impressive and potentially life-changing results.’  Noel Megahey, Digital Fix Reviewer

Available as a paperback and e-book in online stores in the UK, the USA and many other parts of the world.

For more info, including content description, review excerpts, links to sample chapters and the full range of retail outlets, click here: The Mad Artist

Better value version of The Mad Artist now available on 

Two different versions of The Mad Artist were produced respectively for the UK and US markets, in order to optimise marketing locally. Both versions are absolutely identical in every respect. Since 2010, world distribution patterns have improved and now all version are available everywhere. So the better value Createspace version can now be had, post free, from

Tripped in the Woods

The Mad Artist contains two epic LSD trip sequences, both taking place in woodland settings in South Devon. This film was inspired by those experiences and shot in the actual location of one of the trips. It replicates the unique primal intensity of woodland tripping, using extensive muti-layered video effects and complementary sound design. 

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Originally published in Psypress 2015 Vol V, this article has now been republished on Reality SandwichIt features Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, sci-fi psychedelic films such as A Scanner Darkly, more recent notables such as Enter the Void and A Field in England, and those two celebrated trippy 3D films Alice in Wonderland and Avatar.

Originally published in Psypress 2015 Vol IV, this article has now been republished on Reality SandwichIt explores in detail The TripEasy RiderSkidooAltered States2001: A Space OdysseyYellow Submarine and Naked Lunch, and touches on stoner movies, reality benders and many other trip-tinged movies.

My essay 'Beats on Acid', which originally appeared in Psypress UK 2014 Vol III, now features in the anthology Out of the Shadows, published by the Muswell Hill Press in July and launched at Breaking Convention. It covers the recreational and psychonautic drug experiments of Kerouac, Burroughs and Ginsberg and how they broke the ground for the counterculture movement.


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