The Mad Artist Sample Chapters

A Session at Ebury Lodge

This chapter forms a self-contained group cannabis experience report from 1977 and introduces many of the colourful doper characters from the wacky student hall of residence who appear throughout The Mad Artist. It also gives a good flavour of the approach and style of the book, concentrating on detail, atmosphere and in-depth subjective psychodrama regarding drug effect.

'Man of Letters' — photomontage inspired by the climax of the trip, described in Chapter Three. 

The Alphabet Wood — Roger and Henry's First Acid Trip

The Mad Artist devotes its five opening chapters to this life-changing event that triggered the ‘psychonautic adventures’ — the quest for metaphysical answers and spiritual truth which makes up the book. Underwent on a winter’s night, in the rural setting of the Plym Woods and neighbouring villages, the trip was poorly planned, chaotic, crazy — an object lesson in how to get it completely wrong regarding set and setting. But precisely because of the ensuing chaos, the adrenalin rush powered the trip into extreme realms, giving rise to the geometric progression effect that became a motif for the future.

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